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Why Vino Trucking Company?

Why Vino Trucking Company? when you need faster LTL shipping just call us now: (646) 996-1432


We care about your load.

Vino Trucking Company (646) 996-1432 is your choice when you need faster LTL shipping. Our drivers are skilled professionals who take pride in their work and understand the importance of arriving safely and on time.

We Arrive Safely and On Time
Many logistics companies offer LTL freight service. Not many of these businesses, however, are skilled to take on the task of delivering fragile items in an efficient manner. Vino Trucking Company (646) 996-1432 is fully licensed and insured to transport wine packages and other precious commodities that may be damaged when placed in the hands of the average logistics business.

In fact, our commitment to every load being delivered on time and in one piece is why you should pick us when transferring goods from one destination to the next in NY or NJ. Our multi drop delivery service eliminates the dreaded delay that comes with other shipping companies offering LTL freight service. They have to combine loads and deliver in clusters. We, on the other hand, specialize in personalized shipping, which is why we transport to multiple locations throughout the day. No job is too small for us, and we prove this phrase correct by specializing in the individualized delivery of less-than-full loads.

We Provide Dedicated Support to Our Customers
Dedicated support is another reason why customers choose us over the competition. Imagine a logistics company that provides a timeframe during the free consultation and provides enough transparency that assures you that your items will arrive at their respective destinations in a proficient manner. Such scenario is one of the most vital benefits of LTL shipping with Vino Trucking. One phone call (646 996-1432) places the power of logistics in your hands. We are a company dedicated to customer service and package delivery.

Our History Speaks Well of Us
Vino Trucking Company was founded in 1991 on a hope and prayer of becoming one of the top logistics businesses in the NY and NJ area. Our story began when one truck delivered wine and liquor for one client. Since then, we have taken the business to higher heights and deeper depths. We provide trucking of any size loads to our clients and deliver reliable trucking services that customers in Queens, Brooklyn, and New Jersey appreciate.

Other Benefits of LTL Shipping With Vino Trucking Company
In addition to history that speaks well of us and a customer service motto that places dedication at the forefront, we also offer the following incentives to clients:


  • Skilled drivers with more than 10 years of experience in the logistics industry
  • A reputation as one of the leading full-service providers in NY and NJ
  • Commitment to delivering goods as agreed
  • Specialization in retail store deliveries
  • Advanced shipping tracking technology that lets you monitor our progress
  • Next day delivery guarantee

Truck quotes for businesses planning to retain our services for extended periods may include the additional benefit of having the company logo plastered on our freight’s doors. The profit is certainly two-fold as your corporation gains exposure every time one of our vehicles complete a job in the marked auto. Call (646) 996-1432 for more details about this offer.


Why Vino Trucking company? Because We Are Diverse
In all of our specialization on LTL logistics, we never forget to present a diverse front by offering various services within our niche. Vino Trucking Company offers:

  • Retail Stores Delivery
  • Multi Drop Delivery
  • Skids Loads Delivery
  • Wine Liquor License (NY and NJ) Services
  • Same Day Trucking

A discussion with one of our associates at (646) 996-1432 can give you a better scope of our many functions in logistics in Suffolk County and throughout the East Coast.

Choosing Vino Trucking Company is the only option when you need faster LTL shipping that is also safe. Our drivers are dedicated to the cause of getting your goods from one destination to the next and will stop at nothing to ensure that you, the customer, are satisfied. Call us today (646) 996-1432 to discover your options for LTL freight service.

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Why Vino Trucking Company? when you need faster LTL shipping just call us now: (646) 996-1432